Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Walk of shame

After nearly two weeks off the bike I had to do the walk of shame up a portion of Paseo del Norte the other day. The little sandy uphill stretch I felt so proud of riding up the first time, kicked my butt again. I had to dismount and walk. Oh God, the humility. It's amazing just what a little amount of time off can do to your body, your will. 9 days of eating crap, drinking beer, and NOT riding. 9 days of bliss for 8 minutes of shame. Damn it.

Tomorrow morning I mount up again, and this time I muster the guilt induced courage to not walk.

Bike Shop Review:

The Kickstand has a cast of good warm hearted characters and some good mojo-vibes befitting a cool retro-shopping district near a major university and not the 1980's strip-mall where it is currently located, far from the action. My wondering eye caught hold of this pace after a drive up Menaul Blvd way up near Juan Tabo - coming from a horrific bike shop experience at Sport System Ski and Bike further down Montgomery Blvd (review coming soon). After Sport System Ski and Bike, The Kickstand was a relief, that, in this town there are bike shops that know what they are doing and are happy doing it. While not as chuck full of bikes and parts like Performance Bike Shop, the Kickstand has its share of good bikes, parts and clothing; Norco, Giant, Bianchi. And they have "Giveaways," or prize drawings for some good gear (last month: hydration pack or shades; the month before last: fenders, racks, back lights.). And their gear and bikes are reasonably priced (unlike REI; review coming soon). I picked up a nice Blackburn computer for $15 bones. Not bad, no? And the guys at The Kickstand were pretty good sports about telling me the differences in computers. No matter how many customers came in during the time I was there, the Kickstand boys were glad to help or to give customers assurances that they were going to be taken care of soon. And sure enough, they did. The only draw back for the Kickstand would be their location. This is the bike shop you want in your neighborhood and not way across town. 8 points out of 10!

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