Monday, July 27, 2009

Bike junkies want NMDOT to spend more of your tax $$$

The Albuquerque Journal has done it again. This time they went a head and printed another bicycle story, further inciting bicyclist and motorist rage. The story is about a fringe group of two wheeled radical fanatics called the Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico, or BCNM (A creepy version of the Hell’s Angels), who want nothing better than to stop the state transportation department from saving money by partially paving highways. These bike junkies tell us that the partial paving makes these bicyclists ride in the road nearer to cars and trucks and semi-trailers, who by the way, all drive within the speed limit and obey all traffic laws and are courteous to all on New Mexico’s roadways. Red light cameras? Don’t need them. Traffic court? Not here. Traffic patrols? No way.

For their part, the transportation department says it saves them money to partially pave roads.

But the BCNM fires back, “It's because of this kind of practice that New Mexico's ranking by League of American Bicyclists has dropped to 46th place among the fifty states." Don’t tell the Journal’s Glen Rosales this; he thinks “Albuquerque is one darn bike-friendly town.”

For their part, the normal law abiding citizen-motorists of our enchanted roadways give us additional reasoned arguments in support of the thrift transportation department. Comments to the online article read thus:
When these bicyclists start paying license fees, are required to carry insurance, and generally pay a fee equal to what the motorist pays in gasoline taxes, they can demand these improvements...not until then!
I think they need to finance the roadway in an equal fashion to the motorists (in the form a license, registration, insurance, and fees). Until that happens, I see no valid voice from this group.”

Another voice of reason puts it this way:
“I have shared the road all to often with this arrogant group of self serving creeps that think they have as much rights on the road you provide for motor vehicles, who by the way pay taxes for the use thereof.
Not all of us ride bicycles and therefore most would agree that they should pay for their own paved surface.”
So there you have it: New Mexico bicyclists don’t pay taxes, are uninsured, don’t have licenses, are arrogant creeps who should subsidize a completely different parallel transportation system in the state. Oh, and judging by the photo below, these bike junkies have a death wish riding on a partially paved road (see the abrupt end of the road? That’s what they call partial pavement.):

Who would smile and ride a bike in such a dangerous place? Bike junkies high on smoking that anti-flat green gunk in their inner-tubes, and bike junkies who free base chain oil... that’s who! What a bunch Creeps. And I'm proud to be associated with these wierdos! They are good people.

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