Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crazy path keeps me safe

I’ve been a bit concerned lately about bike vs. motorist rage in New Mexico. I read an article about an Oregon firefighter who tried to whack out a cyclist by shooting him in the head (his wife and child were also riding with him, and, presumably watched this sad situation go down). Fortunately, the bullet hit the cyclist’s helmet and mysteriously missed his head. Do you need any more reasons to wear a helmet?

At an intersection in Santa Fe I saw some geezer Santa Clause looking dude in an old beat up truck yelling at a woman cyclist in a yellow summer dress and riding what looked like a step-through city cruiser (a real threat to cranky old men, believe me). And near UNM I saw a cyclist shoot his middle finger to some young thug who, in turn, was shooting his index finger, pistol fashion (or Contador style) out his window with his left hand. Absolutely crazy!

Reading poster comments to a local news item on the hazards posed to cyclists when the state transportation department “partially paves” roads (another article here) reinforced my efforts to avoid roads when I can. And so, here's some pictures of my daily crazy commuter path that keeps me safe:


Old dirt roads:


And crazy places:

Bike paths:

But, eventually, I hit the road:


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