Monday, June 29, 2009

Remind me, again

Gone are the mornings of the freezing 5:00 a.m. bike ride. The sudden cold jolt that makes you lean into your handlebars and pedal a little harder. Now we have warm mornings and warmer afternoons. There’s something about warm weather that makes you want to take a solid two hour nap, drive your car to work, eat junk food and get lazy.

This morning my girlfriend, still asleep, asked me, “Are you driving your car to work?” I tell her I’m riding my bike. She mumbled, “Good, I’m happy you’re going to ride,” and then she drifted off back to sleep. On my bike ride this morning I was wondering what she would have said if I told her I was driving the car to work. I’m sure she would’ve said, with concern, “I thought you liked riding your bike?”

There’s something about relationships or friendships that makes you smile when you’re encouraged to do the things you like but would rather put off for another day. Perhaps they saw the excitement in you for something you liked, the way you talked and gestured, and they liked that for you too. And so, this morning I mounted up and rode down quiet neighborhood streets, passed under street lights, and pedaled, wind blowing past my ear.

Funny how the Bike Gods smile on you when you least expect it. This afternoon I was devising schemes to not ride up Paseo Del Norte. I could dial-a-friend to haul me up the 4 mile incline. I could check out the company car this evening for a meeting tomorrow morning. Amidst scheming, my brother called to say he’s in town and wanted to ride up with me after work. He bikes everywhere.Problem solved. I’m riding up Paseo Del Norte.

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