Thursday, June 18, 2009

Work impedes commuting this week

The phone rings, an email comes in, or colleagues stop by the office. Their messages usually results in a meeting out in NM communities for which driving a car is necessary. Business travel is not so bad, riding to these places is out of the question because some meetings are too many miles. I've done meetings up to 15 miles away only to arrive disheveled and sweating from the intense heat of the NM sun. And this is not so good for the tie wearing crowd.

But, as I make my car driven way to the meeting places I look out for new bike routes, fellow bike commuters and the bikes they ride, and new bike shops. When I started bike commuting, no one said that biking wold permeate most of my thoughts like this- on a drive to meetings of all things. And it's not all that bad. I saw a cool bike shop on one such drive and stopped in to discover cheaper prices than other bikes stores in the region. On another drive I saw a new bike route along the Rio Grande that meandered in and out of the Bosque. So, not too bad, driving a car and all, but I miss my morning bike ride.

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