Monday, June 8, 2009

One sick puppy

It started as a minor itchy throat.  Then watery eyes followed by nasal congestion.  I am one sick puppy. Running nose, hacking, plugged up ears and headaches.  I'm over the tough part now and on the road to recovery.

Speaking of roads; I haven't hopped on the bike in a couple of days. It stands there now, by the window mocking me. Wheels up like dead dog legs sticking straight up. I will get back in the saddle tomorrow morning for the "Electric Feel." The mind game and joy.  The wind and the leaning into curves.  

In the fog of my miserable head cold I replaced the rear flat inner-tube.  The mysterious culprit ended up being the constant rubbing of the valve stem against the rim valve hole. The edges around the hole were sharp. I filed down the sharp edge with a small rat-tail file and smacked some gorilla tape around the valve.  I don't think I'll have the same problem.  

Sick days include a healthy dose of the internets and reading different cycling sites and blogs. Some awesome stuff out there like Bike Snob NYC. Hilariously sharp observations about cycling and the cycling life, culture, fashion, and stupidity. One of my favorite BSNYC-isms is the "Filth Prophylactic" pictured here and made out of what appears to be half of a water bottle.  I also enjoyed his evisceration of the "Epic" bike ride and Rapha "Performance Wear."  Like I said, awesome stuff. 

Sick days totally suck, and sick days make the hissing sound of air coming from a hole in your tire in the middle of an "Epic" ride.      

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