Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adventures in bike commuting

My bell says it all.  Bicycling has given me a new perspective on many things, and this usually through various adventures.  For example, today's lesson on preparation was reinforced by a flat rear tire.  Thankfully I had a pump in my bag.  This is the second flat tire of the summer.  The first flat tire was caused by a small triangular piece of sheet metal at 7:15 p.m.  I walked the remaining mile and a half home in the dark with my bike.  The second flat tire's culprit wasn't discernable. After my meeting this afternoon I went outside, geared up, and noticed that the rear tire was flat. I checked the tire over. Nothing. The valve cap was still on.  Total mystery. I don't like thinking that a colleague was playing a practical joke, or an enemy was attempting to stymie my ride home.  I'd rather think human nature is inherently good, and we prefer to laugh and be peaceful, and that air in inner tubes sometimes just completely disappears with no reason what so ever; air can be tricky like that.  

On my ride home I reflected on the various adventures I've had these past weeks.  Top of the list is the broke down ankle.  Next, perhaps the daily thrill of crossing the Paseo Del Norte/Jefferson intersection.  There's always adventure there.  The most dangerous adventure has to be the one where an 18 wheel diesel truck passed within three feet of me as we both crossed train tracks on La Puebla Drive.  The lamest adventure had to be the flat tire at night.  The best adventure: figuring out my path to the Railrunner train stop.  Side roads, side walks, narrow walking trail, excess highway asphalt separated from Paseo by a concrete barrier, field of rocks, and finally, a bike path.  Going down this path to work is fun, but coming back up is... shall we say... less fun.  But, even then, through the pain, the work, and the eventual last few yards home, I enjoy the ride.  

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