Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rail Runner bike straps: the saga continues

The "Bear Trap" buckle mechanism; a real pain to thread. You push down on the part with the little mini-teeth, but it opens just enough to give you a hard time.

The frayed strap end; a real challenge to properly secure your bike.

The whole contraption. Your wheel rests in the cradle and the strap loops through your rims and spokes and meets up with the Bear Trap and, in theory, it is suppose to secure your bike.

But the reality is that bike commuters don't mess with the contraption (which is designed to hold only two (yes, 2) bikes. Here we have four bikes (and we added two more at the next stop).

Bike strap abuse.

Now that you've seen the mess that is bike commuting on the Rail Runner. Imagine these bikes swaying back and forth as the train rumbles down dilapidated tracks. Usually the end bike winds-up sideways or falling down completely, blocking the door way.

Now, imagine the dozens of Rail Runner riders backed up trying to get on and off the train with this mountain of... uh... mountain bikes in the way and your bike commuter frigg'n around with the mess trying to dislodge their war pony before the door slams shut. If your bike is, say, in the back of this mess and you have to get out in a hurry at your stop, good luck. 85% chance that you're not going to make it.

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